Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Losing weight isnt easy. If it was, we would all look like Liz Hurley LOL. Most of us are Mums, and as we know, we Mums tend to put ourselves, and our needs, after everyone else in the family.  Thats what happened to Karen, who has 5 children, and who slowly over the years managed to gain a lot of weight, until she was almost 50 kg overweight. She has manageed to lose all but about 5 kgs of her excess weight, and is struggling to lose it .  So Karen and her friend Nerrida, decided to set a bit of a challenge for each other. We decided to have a race to see who could lose 5 kg's first. Then we figured theres probably lots of people out there, just the same as us, who might be thinking about losing weight, but just struggling with the motivation to get started.
We  invite you to join us for this weight loss journey.  It is so much easier to do when you are not alone. We are all here to offer support and encouragement , PLUS, there's the added bonus of having the chance to win a gorgeous 'scrappy' prize.  It really is a win-win situation, you cant lose (except for the kilos!). You will lose weight, be healthier, feel better about yourself, and win some great prizes along the way. There's a prize for the person who loses 5 kg's first, plus there's a prize for 2nd and 3rd.  There is also a 'best layout' prize which will be awarded from your votes at the end of the challenge.
Just look at these prizes!

Prima mystery box (from CHA)
(sponsored by Anna's Craft Cupboard).

Here's a little sneak peak just to get you interested.

Mystery box worth over $40

Sneak peak.

Mystery box worth over $30

Sorry, no sneaky on this one.


Stampin' Up 'Merci' stamps (set of 6). 

As voted by you! (We'll take a poll after the 3rd prize is claimed).

* * * * * * * *

Here's how:

1.Take a photo:
Take a photo of your scales while standing on them (like this one below) – or some kind of proof of what you weigh now (if you are not sure, email us here and we’ll ok it).

2. Do a post on you blog:
List briefly how you are going to do it.
(eg:  Eat 1200 kilojoules a day, walk treadmill 45 mins or do Zumba on the xbox) and include the photo you just took.  (see here for a sample post).
NO BLOG? (see our 'How to join' page)

3. Join Mr Linky.
Do a post on your blog about the '5 kilo scrappers challenge' (there's a badge in our sidebar) and link your post to us here using the Mr Linky using form below. (Don't forget to get a clear link, you will need to click on your own post on your blog and copy the address from the top address bar.).

4. Scrap a page about this journey.
 You can scrap a 'before' and an 'after' page if you wish.
(There will be a chance to show off your achievement at the end if you want - for a prize to the value of $45).

* * * * * * * *

Each Wednesday, you'll get a reminder (so don't forget to become a follower**)  so you can post on your blog about how you are going, any weight lost and whatever you want to tell us.
We'll run this competiton till 3 people lose 5 kilos and win the prizes.

**(Please note: if you don't have a Blogger blog, please let us know your email address so we can email you updates).

So... are you up for the challenge?


Monday February 7th, 2011

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Sign up here once you have done your own blog post.

* REMINDER - click on your post to get a unique address before you add your link here! *


  1. Ok, so this is my commitment!!! to me and you!!!

    I don't have a scale, it's in the container, which will arrive next weekend, so, as soon as I find it, I'll e-mail you a photo.... don't have the guts to put it up on my blog....

    Ok with you guys???

    I'll be following Karen's meal plans, and commit to exercise (turbo jam) for a minimum of 30 minutes a day for the first week, and gradually increase, as I become less short of breath.

    pls help keep me committed!!!!

  2. That's great Brenda - you go girl! We are with you. We want you to succeed and if we can help - fantastic! Oh, and that's fine about the photo - just email it to Karen.

  3. will upload photo to my blog by the end of the week.. I have already increased my excerise rountine. Not i for changing what i eat, but will be cutting down on some of my naughty habits like softdrink.

  4. I have posted on my blog!! I was just wondering though if we will need to post a new photo on the 7th?

  5. Yes, a new photo on the 7th would be good and I imagine that some people may even post a new photo each week if they want to show off (LOL). Most people (like me) won't be actually won't be trying to lose weight till the comp starts so their photo is still current.

  6. Sounds amazing! I would love to join! I actually just need to lose 5kilos to be back to my original weight before I had my baby

  7. YAY LG !!!!!!! so glad you are joining us xx

  8. Helen has joined us and because she doesn't have a blog, I have left a link to her details listed in our non-bloggers page here on the site.

  9. Hi girls
    just joined you all in this great challenge!
    Got my post done and hope I might encourage someone else to join in!
    Lets go!!!! LOL!

  10. YAY Kerri :) welcome ... encourage anyone you know to join, the more the merrier... :)

  11. I'm in too!!! Good luck everyone.

  12. YAY SHELLEY :) good luck to you too ....

  13. I think this is such a fantastic idea! Thanks Nerrida and Karen for your inspiring stories. Let's get this party started......!

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