5 Kilos scrappers challenge blog came about very quickly.

Karen and I got 'talking' via email one day and she shared with me about her weight loss - I was completely flabbergasted. How did she do that when I can't even lose 5 kilos???  She also mentioned that she had about 5 kilos more to lose and it was getting harder.

I jokingly said, 'we should have a race!'

Next thing I knew, it was on. 

Karen very bravely shared her story on her blog and she got such a response (as I knew she would) and so many others saying they are having the same experiences, we decided to extend our challenge so others could join and - after all, losing weight with friends seemed more appealing.

So, here we are. A website was created (in a hurry I might add), sponsors chased and the word was spread.  The 5 kilo scrappers challenge was on.

Just a little note to say that this site was set up for fun; to give support to those trying to lose a bit of weight, and although weight loss can be a very serious issue for some, we ask you to remember that we are scrapbookers, not health professionals.

We can in no way be held responsible for anyone's state of health whilst they join us in this challenge, which is why we have left it 100% up to you, how you choose to lose the 5 kilos or more (if you go really well) and we hope you do.

All the information on this blog is without any affiliation to any professional weight loss company or individual.