Non-bloggers page

This page is for those who wanted to join in the fun.....ok...challenge (LOL) but don't have a blog.  We will post their entry and updates here, so you can see how they are doing too.

Chris Fenwick.

Week 9:
Not a big loss this week, not even worth a mention really but 100gms is 100gms I guess. Hope next week is better,
 think I'm going to have to start tracking my food again, that seems to work.
Have a great week all

Week 8:
I'm a bit late sending you my weigh - In picture, sorry but I battle to get on the computer with an almost 18 yr old daughter in the house  :o)
I cant remember what last weeks weight was exactly, but I know it is a loss   :o))) I will go to the blog and take a look see.

Week 7:
Attached is my today 30/3/11 weight.
 I am not a scrapper as such, hope that wont be a problem, I do lots of craft, sewing painting, altered art, kinda scrap stuff/cards, lots of stuff  :o).
Bridgette mentioned your blog to me after I left Weight Watchers, because I was disappointed with them,not to mention the ongoing $$$ spent with WW, I wish I could have half the money I have spent over the years on weight loss, I'm sure I would be a much wealthier lady  today :o).
Wish me luck for the week ahead, I did try to mention it on my blog, but nothing was working tonight, I couldn't save my post or upload pictures, I hope it's fixed soon.

My New Year's resolution was to lose 5 kgs, but as I did not change my diet, or have a goal, the likelihood of anything happening was fairly remote!

I went to my local Weight Watchers meeting ..... I'm trying to get my head around all the paper work they handed out and calculate the number of Pro Points in my favourite yoghurt.   But with lots of others up for the challenge as well, I feel encouraged to persist.

Starting weight: 87.6kg (Nerrida and Karen have verified this).

Week 8:
Just home from Weight Watchers and I've achieved the 5 kg plus a few more grams.  Total loss so far is 5.7 Kg.   Thanks so much for your inspiration and encouragement.   I plan to keep going in 5 kg self challenges and want to lose another 10 kg.

Attached is the weigh in from today. (karen and Nerrida have a copy of this).

* * * * *

I am not happy about my weight and seem to yo-yo quite a bit lately. I have been wanting to lose some weight since I am going on holidays in a few months time.  This is just the motivation I need.  Thanks for setting it all up girls. Now lets just hope for some cooler weather so I can get out and walk.

How I'm going to do it:

1. Brisk walk everyday at lunchtime 'cos I work just near a big parkland with a walkway.
2. Eat more sensibly - no more milo at nigth before bed and no more snacking when I get home from work - especially on carbohydrates like bread.
3. If its too hot to walk outdoors, I'll get on the treadmill instead.

Starting weight: 81.0kg (Nerrida has verified this).


Well I'm actually suprised that I have lost 2 kilos this week. I hadn't been doing as much walking as I had hoped but I had been buying my lunch at Subway - the roast chicken (less than 6 grams of fat one). I also started an excercise program and was really stiff and sore the next day.  Will keep it up though.


Sorry, I'm late, its been a busy week but I'm pleased to say that I have lost another 1/2 a kilo, down to 79.5 now. Pretty pleased with that because, as I said, there wasn't a lot of time for exercise, mostly just the treadmill at night after work, but I have been eating pretty well. Hoping to get some walking in this week end. I bought that Biggest Loser untimate workout (I think you have it Nerrida?) and its good so far - I have only tried it twice though but I had trouble keeping up - shows just how un-fit I am (LOL).

Well I'm really pleased to say that I have lost 1.2 kilos this week down to 78.3 - woohoo. (Maybe this is where I should confess that it had more to do with being sick for 2 days than exercising) LOL. I had a bit of a tummy bug and just didn't really feel ike eating all that much, but hey, its off, so that makes me happy.  Will try to do more walking this week and might even go for a bike ride.

Why did I put ont he weight - umm, well, nor enough exercise for a start. I used to do all sorts of outdoor stuff before I was married - abseiling, mountain bike riding, hiking...hmmm, those days are gone but I can still bike ride after work some nights. I think that I started cooking with a lot of cream, eating after work (a lot of carbohydrates) and eating bread late at night. I have mostly kicked these habits now. Oh and another habit was having a large glass of milo with full fat milk at night - I kicked that habit by just not buying milo anymore - problem solved.

Week 7: Sorry guys, I have been so busy lately, I just went off with the fairies for a few weeks but I'm back and walking, walking, walking on the treadmill, sometimes late at night but its helping because my old habit was to eat bowl of cornflakes or a drink of milo before bed (bad I know) is getting better because now once I've finished walking, I don't feel like anything but water.

Anyway, haven't really lost much since the last weigh-in, only 200 grams. Still working awat at it.

 * * * * *

Well this is it, crunch time!  I didn't realise I weighed so much - I knew I was bad the last two weeks I just didn't care what I ate and its reflected big time in the photo but I can honestly say eating crap didn't make me feel any better so I told myself that was the last time I'd be eating a mackers meal and that this 5kg challenge would be the start of lots of 5kg losses!!

so here we start!! and if you hadn't guessed it --- i don't have a blog!!!

"my plan of attack?  im  going to eat way less, drink no alachol, drink 2 litres of water a day and going to the gym minimum 3 times a week and im planning to keep MY MOUTH SHUT!!!!! nothing goes in that weighs more than a crumb!!! hee hee!!!  

Starting weight: 101.6kg


Its wednesday weigh in!!! So here's my first week - extremely happy to report a loss - I think I sweated it off at the gym!!!  This weeks goal - Im trying to write down what I eat, everyone says its a big key to sucess so Im giving it a whirl this week - now its back to the treadmill!

Loss: 1.8 kgs.