Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Weightloss week 12

Weightloss wednesday - the last one!

Wow, well today is the last day. Can you believe its been 3 months since we started this journey together? Some of us have had great success, we worked hard and achieved our goal of losing 5 kilos, maybe a bit less or maybe a bit more, but we are better off and healthier for it.

We had winners along the way, LG and Beckie and we still have to announce the winner of the stamps prize for the best layout today.

And the winner is:


Woohoo - congratulations!  Your prize will be on its way shortly. Your layout is beautiful, we loved the swirl in it that caught our eye. Have a look everyone, here in the gallery.

OK, so this is the last time we will record our weightloss.  How did you go this week? Leave your final link below.

We hope that everyone has learned something along the way, made some new friends and of course, lost some weight. And Karen and I wish wish you all the very best with any further weightloss you want to achieve. We thankyou for your encouragement for us also along the way in achieving our own 5 kilo loss goals.  We are really happy we did this.

Big hugs from Karen & I.


  1. I am so happy to have lost the 5 kilos. Thankyou so much everybody for joining me in this journey. You all fired me up to do this and I loved being accountable. I have stayed at the same weight of 49.5 - very happy!

  2. Good morning. I've put my last post up. I got so close, to within .4 of my goal. Next week I will do it. Very excited to see my name above. Yay. Thanks very much. So grateful for the help and support I've been given on this journey.

  3. Oh wow Dale - so close. yes you will make it next week. YOu must be be feeling pretty good right now.

  4. Hiya Dale, could you please email Karen with your email home address so she can post you your prize?



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