Here's how:

1.Take a photo:
Take a photo of your scales while standing on them (like this one below) – or some kind of proof of what you weigh now (if you a re not sure, email us here and we’ll ok it).

2. Do a post on you blog:
List briefly how you are going to do it
(eg:  Eat 1200 kilojoules a day, walk treadmill 45 mins or do Zumba on the xbox) and include the photo you just took.  (see here for a smaple post).
NO BLOG? - just email us your scales photo and story and we'll post it here for you. Each week you can update us as to how you're going.

3. Join Mr Linky here in the 'Welcome' post.
Do a post on your blog about the 5 kilo scrappers challenge and link your post here. (Don't forget to get a clear link, you will need to click on your own post on you blog and copy the address from the top address bar.).

4. Scrap a page about this journey.
 You can scrap a 'before' and an 'after' page if you wish.
(There will be a chance to show off your achievement at the end if you want - for a prize to the value of $45).

* * * * * * * *

Each Wednesday, you'll be emailed a reminder (so don't forget to become a follower)  to post on your blog about how you are going, any weight lost and whatever you want to tell us.
We'll run this competiton till 3 people lose 5 kilos and win the prizes.

Are you up for the challenge?