Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Weightloss week 11


OK, so here we are at week 11 and today is weightloss wednesday whose lost this week? I know it might have been a bit hard with the Easter bunny coming but wasn't Dale's tip so timely?

SO, this week, tell us how much you have lost to date as well as any weekly weightloss & let's see who has lost the most so far...

Here's the tally:
(I'll update this as everyone leaves their link).

Dale T:

Chris F: 2.3 kgs





Who else?

 If you'd like to be on the running for the stamp set valused at $45, don't forget to email me your layout. So far, we've got Dales and Beckie's entry in the gallery. I'm working on mine.

Leave you link below.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Nerrida's weekly tip 2

Nerrida's Tip.

TIP:  Understand the labels.

A product labelled with a fat-free claim does not mean that it is low in calories. Similarly a product labelled as low-sugar or low-carb does not mean it is low in fat or calories. Always read the nutrition label on the packaging. Anything with more than about 20 grams of sugar is not good, in fact I never go over 15grams. Check out some of those 'healthy' yoghurts.....

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Weightloss week 10

Weightloss Wednesday!

ONLY 2 WEEKS TO GO! ...before the competition ends and the very last prize of some scrumptious Websters Pages 'Spring Market' is up for grabs.  Who will lose the most in this last 4 weeks?

Tell us how much you have lost in the last 2 weeks in total so we can see if you're in the running for the prize.


What's your mini goal?

Leave your link to your blog post below.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Karen's weekly tip


Hmmm, yep, the E word !!! Love it or hate it, or like me, you are somewhere in between, you truly will not achieve long term weight loss without some regular excersize. Excercize has to become a part of your everyday life in order to maintain weight loss.

I find walking is the best form of excersize for me. And even walking for half an hour a day is enough to get those scales moving in the right direction. If your day is too busy for a full workout, break it down into a more manageable five minutes here, 10 minutes there. Take the stairs. Park at the far end of the car park. Keep walking shoes at your desk. Walk while you talk on the phone or while you think. Several short bursts of activity throughout the day really can help you burn calories and shed kilos.

PUMP IT UP, its a proven fact that muscle burns up more calories than fat, and the more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism works. So get those weights out, and start pumping some iron :) . You dont need to spend a fortune on gym equipment, and expensive weights, a can of baked beans in each hand is enough to get those muscles working. Another great inexpensive piece of equipment is a 'resistance band' they only cost around $20.00 from any sports store, and usually come with an instruction DVD. I have one, and they are great.

My goal now that I have lost my weight, is to increase my muscle, therefore increase my metabolism, in the hope that I can keep the weight off forever.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Weightloss week 9

Its WEDNESDAY! Weigh-in time.....

Week 1 of the final 4 weeks!  So how did you go? Have you been spurred on to take advantage of this last 4 weeks. Well there's only 3 left!

Did you do last weeks assignment? Did you get out the tape measure?

Ok, sign in everyone and let us know how you went this week - any difference in the scales or in cms????  I know that there were a couple of weeks where I didn't seem to lose anything but then when the tape measure came out...oh, look at that, 2 cms gone! It feels good.

Find a new weightloss website and tell us about it...leave a link on your blog post so we can check it out.

Leave the link to your post and news below.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Big Announcement

We have a...
to make!

As you may have heard, Helen W has been declared the winner of the 3rd prize, losing a total of 5.7 kilos!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a great effort! (Helen is one of our non-bloggers). A massive congratulations Helen - here's hoping it inspires you to keep losing more.


Officially, we now need a layout from everyone to go into our gallery on their weight loss journey so far............whether you have won a prize or not, please get onto this to be eligible for a Stampin' Up stamps prize worth $45!!!
We will have a poll to see who the winner is.
Email your layouts to


we have a little surprise for you.

Thanks to Websters Pages & Anna's Craft Cupboard, we have another prize up for offer and everyone is eligible as long as we have a up-to-date photo of your weight starting this week. So if you haven't posted a scales photo this week, hurry!  Everyday you leave it, leaves less time to lose big. You can leave your link to your photo below.


1. The competition will run for another 4 weeks with the finishing date being Wednesday May 4th.
2.  In that time we will have 4 weigh-ins, each one on a Weight loss Wednesday as always.  You MUST POST or email us a post, including on the fourth week (the final week).
3. Weight loss must be proved by photos of scales.

The person who has lost the total most weight from the start will win the prize pack.

Mark that date! This is your chance to give losing weight one more good go and succeed!

Leave your photo link here and you might like to spread the word.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weightloss wednesday week 8

Weightloss Wednesday...

Its been a whole 8 weeks since we started this journey...can you believe it? And many of us are all the better for it. And for others, who have joined us on this journey, its just the beginning of a new and better you.

So another celebration is in much have you lost TO DATE? (whether its been just a few weeks or all 8)?

Let us know!

This weeks assignment:

Measure your waist, hips and thighs and write it down somewhere and keep it in a secret place for you to go back and check on in one months time - we will remind you and ask you how many centimetres you have lost. Its a very encouraging thing to do for yourself.  Don't forget, or you'll miss out on the rewards of knowing how far you've come.

Leave your link here:

Monday, April 4, 2011

Nerrida's weekly tip 1

Nerrida's tip

TIP: Don't buy it in the first place!

Nope, don't! You can pick it up in the shop if you want, then read how bad it is, and then put it back and walk away.

If it's not in the house, then you can't eat it when your bored or craving something. Stock the pantry & frij with good but yummy choices so if you do eat extra, at least it's healthy.

Trina McClune had a fascinating converstaion with herself on her blog this week about her struggles with cravings - read more here.

Friday, April 1, 2011


We have another winner!

2nd prize goes to:


A big congratulations to Beckie, who actually didn't think she'd win because she was losing too slowly.  Just goes to show you that slow and steady wins the race.

Here's you prize Beckie and it will be on its way shortly!

Weightloss tip 17

Today's tip
Well this is your last daily tip. Starting form next week Karen & I will be offering 1 tip each per week. With nearly 20 tips to boot, you should be off to a great start. What a journey its been so far....

Many of us have lost some weight and are feeling good about ourselves, but after 7 weeks of it, it can get 'boring'. Oh oooh - there's that word that trips so many of us up.

Tip: A change is as good as a holiday.

Hmm, I can hear you thinking, that's a  strange tip for losing weight.  Yes, and no.  Boredom and busy-ness are 2 major pitfalls to losing weight long-term.  We give up because its all too hard, we are too busy and we're bored with the program. 

SO...take a break. 

Not for too long, just a couple of days, OR make a change.  Do something completely different to what you have been doing. We need to keep ourselves interested and feeling keen. Life does get busy and stuff happens, but its OK as long as you keep focused on what your trying to achieve in the long run.  You will get there....your on your way now.

What could you do differently this week?