Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Weightloss week 11


OK, so here we are at week 11 and today is weightloss wednesday whose lost this week? I know it might have been a bit hard with the Easter bunny coming but wasn't Dale's tip so timely?

SO, this week, tell us how much you have lost to date as well as any weekly weightloss & let's see who has lost the most so far...

Here's the tally:
(I'll update this as everyone leaves their link).

Dale T:

Chris F: 2.3 kgs





Who else?

 If you'd like to be on the running for the stamp set valused at $45, don't forget to email me your layout. So far, we've got Dales and Beckie's entry in the gallery. I'm working on mine.

Leave you link below.


  1. I have stabilised at 49.5 - no change from last week. Happy with that. How did everyone else go over Easter?

  2. I like that little cartoon. So cute.

  3. Congrats Nerrida. I've put up my blog post link.

  4. Hi girls :) well done Nerrida... (i have your little prezzie all ready to post today)
    I lost a tiny bit, like 200g... but Im happy where Im at ATM. Just trying to maintain where I am....

    Off to check out your blog Dale... looking forward to hearing from everyone :)

  5. I forgot the scales photo so I'ved added that to my blog post.

  6. Cool - thx Dale! Anyone else - looks like Dales is in the running for the prize pack.

  7. You girls have done well over Easter, I am a little cranky at myself I have put on and now back to 86.1 which is still lower than my last weigh in here, but anyways.
    I thought since I won a prize I would let the other girls try for one, so I didn't want to be included (no offence I hope)
    Annnd I can't remember if I told you guys, but I am bridesmaid for my best friend at the end of May, and I picked up my size 14 dress and it fits!!! So excited :)

  8. Hey girls I have not weighted my self this week I am heading out the door but will weigh in the morning i was a bad girl over easter going away and all in the middle of easter is soo not good :) catch up then xx my weight loss so far is 1.7 kg

  9. Oh wow Beckie! That is so cool. You are going to feel so good about yourself on the day. Here's a teast for you - just imagine if your dress was loose and had to be taken in a little (LOL). Nothing like a bit of insentive to lose even more weight. You will just HAVE TO post some photos of that day on your blog 'cos I want to see how good you look.

    LOL Brigette - so easy to be bad over Easter but maybe that will motivatate you to get back on the wagon?

  10. Sorry - that should have said 'tease'. I such a crazy typer! (LOL).

  11. LOL oh well, I thought it was supposed to say test! But yes I have even thought that too and I am definately still working on it!! I will make sure I post a pic :)

  12. I've added my layout to the gallery. Wow, tomorrow is the last day!

  13. the gallry looks fabulous girls.... gorgeous layouts. I havnt done mine yet.. Im feeling a bit bogged down with all I have to do ATM.. will get to it very soon xx

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