Thursday, April 7, 2011

Big Announcement

We have a...
to make!

As you may have heard, Helen W has been declared the winner of the 3rd prize, losing a total of 5.7 kilos!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a great effort! (Helen is one of our non-bloggers). A massive congratulations Helen - here's hoping it inspires you to keep losing more.


Officially, we now need a layout from everyone to go into our gallery on their weight loss journey so far............whether you have won a prize or not, please get onto this to be eligible for a Stampin' Up stamps prize worth $45!!!
We will have a poll to see who the winner is.
Email your layouts to


we have a little surprise for you.

Thanks to Websters Pages & Anna's Craft Cupboard, we have another prize up for offer and everyone is eligible as long as we have a up-to-date photo of your weight starting this week. So if you haven't posted a scales photo this week, hurry!  Everyday you leave it, leaves less time to lose big. You can leave your link to your photo below.


1. The competition will run for another 4 weeks with the finishing date being Wednesday May 4th.
2.  In that time we will have 4 weigh-ins, each one on a Weight loss Wednesday as always.  You MUST POST or email us a post, including on the fourth week (the final week).
3. Weight loss must be proved by photos of scales.

The person who has lost the total most weight from the start will win the prize pack.

Mark that date! This is your chance to give losing weight one more good go and succeed!

Leave your photo link here and you might like to spread the word.


  1. Just to clarify - the new competition for the most weightloss starts from today. So everyone has a chance to start fresh or just keep going - but your weightloss will be counted fresh from today.

  2. Hi. I wondered if this would end at some point. I must say, I've been very happy for the motivation. Thanks a bunch. I'd love to win Anna's prize. I could walk to her place and pick it up. Will try harder to lose that last 1.7kgs. Wish me luck. Hope this post lasts.

  3. Nice try Dale (LOL) the prize is here at my place in Sydney - you could walk here, then you'd lose more than 5 kilos I'll bet (LOL).

  4. I might make it there in a year.

  5. Thank you so much for the support and encouragement. Your tips are wonderful aids to keep me focused and it really helps knowing that others are striving to become healthy too. I feel very excited about the parcel and with the additional challenge am encouraged to keep striving for the next 5 kg loss. :)

  6. Whoops that was me, I'm not too clever with the posting business.
    Helen W

  7. Im sorry, I havnt just abandoned you girls... Ive been having the same problems as Dale, and the dissapearing posts grrr, so annoying !!!! A Huge congrats Helen :) Im so happy for you...Just email me your address,and I will get your prize out to you :)

    Well done to everyone.... Im looking forward to the next part of the challenge :0 I think Im out tho, I cant get my body to lose anymore weight :( I have lost 50 kg, and am right in the middle of the 'normal' weight range, so I am really really happy with where I am :) I would like to lose another 2 or 3 kgs, but if its not to be, then thats OK too :)

  8. a year? C'mon girl, you've been doing so well! How about setting yourself a long-term goal - have you got something coming up in the near future that you can aim for? Or how about some weight training - that's fantastic for toning. Remeber I am already a small person and you would in no-way call me overweight but I have still lost 4.9kgs to date. I've been doing reistsence & toning stuff since day 1 (but sometimes only twice a week). How much more do you want to lose??? What about cms?

  9. Oh gosh - its too early in the morning for me (LOL) - that word should say 'resistance'.

  10. Hi Nerrida,
    I think you misunderstood me. I meant it would take me a year to WALK to your place. I'm down to 66kgs now so I'm happy with that.
    One question, when do we need to have a layout done by?

  11. Ahhhhh - I get you now (LOL). Yes, it might take you a year or maybe just 6 months if you walk faster (LOL). Then again, knowing snail mail - it might be quicker to walk (if you win it)!

    Layouts done by end of the month please? So there's time to vote.


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