Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Weightloss week 10

Weightloss Wednesday!

ONLY 2 WEEKS TO GO! ...before the competition ends and the very last prize of some scrumptious Websters Pages 'Spring Market' is up for grabs.  Who will lose the most in this last 4 weeks?

Tell us how much you have lost in the last 2 weeks in total so we can see if you're in the running for the prize.


What's your mini goal?

Leave your link to your blog post below.


  1. well I ahve started jogging! Never thought I'd see that day (LOL). I have gained maybe 100 grams but lost 1cm from my waist. My mini goal is to do and do the excercise curcuit at the big loacl park again this week - its was fun.

  2. I got this advice today re Easter. Thought it might be of interest here.
    Enjoy your Easter but have a plan to pop out of it in the other side without the guilt.
    While we all look forward to taking some well deserved time off over the Easter break to recharge our batteries, this period is a two-edged sword if you are trying to lose or maintain your weight.
    What do Easter indulgences really equate to? Each egg is usually accompanied with approximately 3000 kilojoules (kjs).
    With that said if you can’t avoid the temptation get ready to undo the damage.
    This it what it takes to burn off those Easter egg calories.
    Red Tulip size 12 egg (200g) = Run a Half Marathon
    Lindt Gold Bunny (100g) = Bunny hops (jumping knees to tummy) for 35 minutes
    Cadbury Egg Small (70g) = 30 minutes of climbing stairs
    Nestle mini egg (28g) = 30 minutes of squash
    Easter is a time that tests all of the good habits we have put in place since the beginning of the year.
    For most of us 3000 kjs is around half of what our total calorie intake should be.
    3000 kj's also looks like this:
    1 apple
    2 poached eggs on 1 slice of wholemeal bread
    1 banana
    1 turkey and lettuce sandwich
    1 large garden salad
    Minimise Easter damage by looking at alternative treats:
    A hot cross bun without butter is between 700 and 1000 kj's depending on the brand you purchases.
    A Cadbury light chocolate mouse is 470 kj's
    A chocolate paddle pop is only 520 kj's
    One row (six pieces) of Cadbury milk chocolate is 550 kj's
    Remember the same rules apply at Easter as they do at any other time if you want to lose weight burn more kilojoules than you consume and keep it simple.
    Increase your exercise to cater for the increased intake of kilojoules and if you want to treat yourself shave off kilojoules from your regular daily intake to make room for additional treats.
    The main thing to remember is that life continues after Easter and if you overdo it you will regret it for weeks.
    Also remember that it is important to get back to good eating habits very quickly after you indulge so it doesn't drag out.
    Brush your teeth right after your Easter Egg or chew some gum as a way to signify that you are done and while the treat was nice it is time to get back to business.

  3. Hey Girls
    This week i put on 200 grams but i know to ignore the scales this week because it is that time of the month for me and my body can usually put on between half to 1 kilo for a couple of days, the fantastic news for me is that those tight skinny jeans i bought too tight are now fitting perfectly with no muffin top at all, last week i had slight muffin top . and they have loosened around the butt which is fabbo :) i have been jumping on the trampoline with my girls everyday as well as my regular exercise so i know i have done plenty this week hopefully next week will show good results although we are going away for easter to melbourne which could be a problem EEKK!!
    Nerrida if you are like me you will put on weight for a couple of weeks until your body gets into the swing of things, Good luck with the jogging. I have been jogging on my treadmill at speed 10km an hour for half a km then walk for the other half i do about 5km which takes about 35 minutes the 10km speed is a killer but when you have finished you feel soooo much better :)

  4. Wow, Dale what timely and excellent advice. I was thinking of having just 1 of those Lindt bunnies (he he he) but I hadn't thought of the consequences - well I have NOW. Think I'll change that plan. I actually can't eat more then about 15 grams of sugar a day (or I pay for it big time) so I was going to have it bit by bit ....but nope.

    Bridgette - wooohoo! I know that 'jeans-feeling'. Doesn't it feel good!!!! I love that your jumping with the kids - I USED to do that, I should do it again - its a fantastic blood-pumping excercise & fun!

    The jogging sounds excellent - I'm just not up to that yet...but one day.....

  5. Hi Nerrida,
    I think that you can safely stop losing weight else you might just disappear. Well done on the jogging.

  6. LOL Dale - sometimes (when the kids are hypo and the house is a mess), I'd like too just disappear!

  7. DALE.... you are an angel posting that... thankyou xx.... It really puts it all into perspective for me. I was a real chocolate lover ( havnt eaten ANY for nearly 12 months, go me ) OMG, it was so easy to just eat a few of the kids easter eggs.... they are BAD !!!!!! way to go girls.. you are all doing so well... Nerrida, you have well and truly beaten me :) xx


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