Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Weightloss week 9

Its WEDNESDAY! Weigh-in time.....

Week 1 of the final 4 weeks!  So how did you go? Have you been spurred on to take advantage of this last 4 weeks. Well there's only 3 left!

Did you do last weeks assignment? Did you get out the tape measure?

Ok, sign in everyone and let us know how you went this week - any difference in the scales or in cms????  I know that there were a couple of weeks where I didn't seem to lose anything but then when the tape measure came out...oh, look at that, 2 cms gone! It feels good.

Find a new weightloss website and tell us about it...leave a link on your blog post so we can check it out.

Leave the link to your post and news below.


  1. Well, I have done it - 5.2kilos! Very happy. I was sick on the weekend so I had a little help with not eating a lot for 2 days, but still, Im there. Now just gotta tone up.

    Anyone else done it this week?

    I'm going to try to get a good photo of the new me this week so I can do my layout.

  2. Yay Nerrida. woohoo
    I just did my blog and then I saw this was up. Have no time today to add to it but will check in later when I can. I'm off out now.

  3. Hi Nerrida
    Not a great week on the scales for me, only 0.1 but I'm happy with that. I have been a very busy kinda mum again, my daughter found a litter of abandoned kittens so we are doing 4 hourly feeds, clean ups and lots and lots of washing, so no time for me for a few more weeks. They are the dearest little things so all worth it :o))
    Have a great week one and all.

  4. opps forgot, I did purchase the Zumba DVD set so that's a positive, it should arrive in a few days :o)

  5. Ooh, how ciute - that brings back memories of some kittens I cared for once.

    BUT...great to hear that your stable AND you've got zumba - have fun with it!

  6. hey girls 600grams loss for me this week :) i blogged all about my weeks
    good on you Nerrida great news

  7. Well done Bridgette. Your steaming along.

  8. Great stuff!! Thanks for sharing this post. Keep it up.

  9. Well done girls. I nearly forgot to link my blog post.
    I love kittens. Wish I could own one. My son is allergic to cats and dogs. Bummer.

  10. WOW! Everybody is doing great! Sorry I wasn't been here lately, got a new job 3 weeks ago and it's driving me crazy. With all the stress and pressure, I try my best to comfort myself with food. I am still behind at my 10kilos goal, Im at 8.1 but still trying my best here

  11. Oh no LG - I hope your new job works out to be ok? But 8.1 is brilliant!

  12. Woo Hooo Yaaay Nerrida!! Well done to you.
    I have almost finished my LO, just needs a title, I will do that today.
    I am still going and have lost another 600gms.
    I did do my measurements on the 21st of march so redid them and I have lost 3cms from my waist!!
    Hope everything works out for you LG!
    Ok I'm off to check out the blogs!

  13. Hello everyone, didn't weigh in this week as i have been really sick with pneumonia :( have lost more weight but I think its more from being so very sick!! Total weight loss during the challenge = 5.7kgs, sounds like most of you have had a great week, and a big congrats to all the lovely ladies who have reached their goals!!

  14. Oh no Rennee!!!!! Thats awful! I SO hope you get over it very quickly - you poor thing. Being sick is not the funnest way to loose weight, is it? Let us know how you're doing. Stay warm....

    Becki, your going from strength to strength. You must be feeling good about those cms. I know it made me feel really encouraged - woohoo!

  15. wow !!!! lots of news this week....
    sorry RENEE to hear you have been so sick :( ....
    well done BRIDGETTE !!!!!

    arrggghhhh !!! NERRIDA !!!! YOU BEAT ME !!! YAY for you, well done my friend...

    Chris... OMGoodness, you are a good lady !! Ive cared for puppies after their Mum got sick, its HUGE job !! pat on the back for you.. well done :)

    WTG Becci, you are on fire xx

    LG, I hope things get better with the job soon xx.. HUGS

    ME, well, i think I have to face the fact that I am not going to loose any more weight. I just checked my BMI, and its 23.3, which is perfect !!! so I think thats about it for me. I lost a few grams this week, but put on a few last week !!!

    Have a fantastic week ladies... and keep up the fabulous work xx

  16. I've added in my link on my blog post. It's to Woman's Day. Lots of great stuff there.
    Sorry to hear you're so unwell Renee. Get well fast.

  17. Oh wow - excellent Dale! I never would have thought of them.

  18. Well done everyone. I had an unusual result this week. Even though I ate almost the same at the previous week when I lost 1.3 and the week before when I lost 1.7.....this week I GAINED .5 kg. I did the same amount of exercise, so have no answers. I spoke to the weight watchers lecturer and she didn't have any ideas either. She just suggested keeping on with the same routine and expecting good things next week. :{{ HelenW

  19. Hmm, that is a little puzzling Helen although I know 'that time of the month' can show up as a false sort of weight gain that quickly disappears the nest week. We'll wait with baited breathe to see what happens next week - good luck! Sounds like your doing everything right.

  20. Hey Helen they say mixing things up a bit will kick your weight into full steam ahead, so if you are having the same types of foods and are doing the same types of exercise then maybe change a few things, a different exercise DVD or even if you walk maybe walk for 5 minutes more of maybe jog a tiny bit to get your heart rate up again then walk a bit more etc they do say that the key for good weight loss is to get your heart rate up not sure what the heart rate is meant to be for fast weight loss but its up there !! which means you have to huff and puff a little more LOL, changing your food and exercise shocks your body and gets you out of that plateau. Good luck hope you do really well this week xx

  21. I've just completed my layout. I shall photograph it tomorrow in the light and then send it to you lovely ladies.

  22. good on you Dale. What an achievement hey? Can't waot to see it and I bet your proud of yourself too. I want to do mine but I ahven't been able to get my photos printed yet.


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