Saturday, April 16, 2011

Karen's weekly tip


Hmmm, yep, the E word !!! Love it or hate it, or like me, you are somewhere in between, you truly will not achieve long term weight loss without some regular excersize. Excercize has to become a part of your everyday life in order to maintain weight loss.

I find walking is the best form of excersize for me. And even walking for half an hour a day is enough to get those scales moving in the right direction. If your day is too busy for a full workout, break it down into a more manageable five minutes here, 10 minutes there. Take the stairs. Park at the far end of the car park. Keep walking shoes at your desk. Walk while you talk on the phone or while you think. Several short bursts of activity throughout the day really can help you burn calories and shed kilos.

PUMP IT UP, its a proven fact that muscle burns up more calories than fat, and the more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism works. So get those weights out, and start pumping some iron :) . You dont need to spend a fortune on gym equipment, and expensive weights, a can of baked beans in each hand is enough to get those muscles working. Another great inexpensive piece of equipment is a 'resistance band' they only cost around $20.00 from any sports store, and usually come with an instruction DVD. I have one, and they are great.

My goal now that I have lost my weight, is to increase my muscle, therefore increase my metabolism, in the hope that I can keep the weight off forever.


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  2. hows everyone going ??? Its weight loss wednesday again already tomorrow, gosh, is it just me, or is time going way too quickly lately? Hope you are all having a fabulous week, and im looking forward to tomorrow xx

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