Monday, February 7, 2011

D DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK ladies.... Today is the day.... Are we all ready??

I know I am. I have been a bit slack the last week or so, and not been really vigalent with what I eat, and getting enough excersise, and I have come way to far to allow myself to slack off.

I just wanted to post a few little food ideas that I use, for quick, simple and yummy foods. This first link is a really nice fish I would eat 3 nights a week, its yummy, and is only about 180 calories per serve. My favorite is the 'Lemon and parsley'. click here . You can buy them in any supermarket.

Next is a really quick and easy recipe I use for lunch.

Cauliflower and fetta soup....
all you need is 100g cauli, steamed, and around 40g of low fat fetta cheese.
crumble the cheese into the cauli, season with some cracked pepper, and give it a wizz with a stick blender. Its that easy !!!! serve with some cruskits, or another really low calorie cracker.... sounds a bit weird, but its YUMMO !!!! Just give it a try.

Have a great first day everyone.

HUGS Karen x


  1. I'm ready!! I have updated my blog with my new start weight this morning.
    The cauliflower and fetta soup sounds good to me :)

  2. Hi Ladies, I am trying to join the challenge, I have taken my photo this morning, but I have emailed via your email link to and my email got returned saying invalid host address? I wanted to discuss further re photo/blog before joining, thanks so much, Lisa

  3. Hey Karen and Nerrida!! omgosh... you are underway already.. and i nearly forgot!! i jumped on the scales this morning and my eyes nearly popped out of my skull!! i need to loose WAY more than 5... don't know that i can even admit it to myself, let alone the rest of the world! lol. my lovely dh came home the other day with a brand new treadmill with some really awesome functions and programmes... plus i'll be doing a couple of mornings at the pool and a spin class at the gym once a week for variety. my biggest failing is doing the same thing every day and loosing interest. the plan is to set myself up for continued success instead of failure. will follow along with much interest... thanks so much girls, this is a really helpful initiative! :)) x

  4. HI JULES xx so glad you decided to join us :) can you join My Linky and then do a post on your blog about what you plan to do, and show some proof of your weight ( photo of scales?) so you can be in the running to win some prizes. and link it here back to your blog ??? I think I explained that right, thats Nerridas dept, but her computer isnt playing nicely today, so its my job !?! ....

  5. hope everyones having a good day

  6. Hi girls!

    Had a great first day! Out walking with my son! Cody is going to walk with me all the time and be 'my coach!' LOL!
    Thanks for all the tips and recipes girls!!! x

  7. I am so ready to lose this weight. Thank you for the motivation and encouragement. i know we can all do this

  8. Oh Kerri, you are So lucky having a coach - is he for hire? (LOL).

  9. Sorry I haven't been around much ladies for the last few days - my 'puter' wasn't playing nice at all but my DH fixed me up with another one while mine gets fixed - its nice to be back!


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