Thursday, February 3, 2011

Karen's Diet

Ok, a lot of you have asked me what I actually did to lose 48 kg's. So I thought I'd share a few of the foods I have have enjoyed over the last 9 or 10 months.

To begin with though, I really feel I need to mention that I am in NO WAY a weight loss professional, The diet I chose to follow isn't entirely what the 'professionals' would recommend, so if you decide to follow what I did, you need to be aware of that.

I chose to lose the weight the fastest way possible. I was 50 kg's overweight, and I didn't want my weight to take 2 years to come off, I wanted it FAST. So I set myself a calorie limit of around 900 calories a day ( again, be aware that this is less than the weight loss professionals recommend) I bought a calorie counter book, and went from there.

I have been on just about every diet known to man, and then some, so I took bits and pieces from each, and kind of formulated my own plan... One really good diet I was on once upon a time was 'ultra lite' It was a very low calorie, low carb diet, and I started my weight loss by following along with their plan to a degree. Then as the months went on, I changed things around to suit me.

I have chosen to avoid most carbs, especially pasta, bread, rice, potatoes, and most cereals other than porridge, and cruskit biscuits.

A typical day for me would go something like this:

Breakfast: 4 cruskit biscuits ( the light, lower fat ones) topped with low fat packaged turkey breast and about 100 grams of flavoured cottage cheese. ( I like the chive and onion one, and the gherkin one isn't too bad either) I would love to say i don't drink coffee, but, umm, I do have 1 cup in the morning, with saccharine, and skim milk. If I'm still hungry, some days I will have a low fat fruit yoghurt too. ( I buy the nestle diet brand)

or:I will sometimes have porridge for breakfast as a change, about 1 cup, cooked, with skim milk. But do prefer the cottage cheese and cruskits, as its a good source of protein. sometimes I will have 2 eggs for a change also. Just remember not to have the toast with them :)

Lunch: about 100 g of a low fat protein source. Chicken breast, turkey, fish, tuna, prawns, egg.....I try to avoid processed deli meat as much as possible. with a salad of lettuce, cucumber, tomato, onion, mushrooms, carrot. (any salad veggies are OK) I dont use salad dressing as most of them are full of fat, but sometimes will have a tiny bit of 97% fat free mayonaise. balsamic vinegar is a good dressing when trying to lose weight, but I dont like it :)

Dinner: again, I would have about 100g serve of protein. steak, fish, etc, with around 100-150 g veggies, or salad. again remembering to avoid the high carb ones such as potato. I also try to avoid sauces and gravies, as these are high in calories.

Snacks: I try to keep these to a minimum. But if I really want something, or am feeling like my blood glucose is a bit low, I will have a little tub of weight watchers fruit, of a tub of yoghurt. Another favorite is stewed apple, I don't add sugar when cooking it, I use 'sprite' DIET lemonade ( make sure its the diet one) too cook my apple in. I give me the sweetness I sometimes crave, without any of the calories. yum !! and for an extra treat, I will have a little bit of 'nestle' diet yoghurt on the top....


If I am out, and have nothing with me to eat, I will have a "Subway" wrap, with one of the 6g of fat or less fillings. I would probably do this once a week. :)

Drink: usually I just drink water. ( I try to have 2.5 ltrs per day) But sometimes, I will have a 'coke zero' a bit of a treat. Oh, and my coffee in the morning :)

Ok, thats enough info for now... Hopefully I have answered some of your questions. There's nothing magical about this diet, unfortunately, I wish there was. Some days its hard not eating the foods I love. Some days I get so tired of fish and salad :) But, I want to be thin, and healthy, and finally realised, this is the only way I can do that. My heath is more important that a chocolate bar, or an icecream :)

I will be back in the next little while to share some of my recipes with you all. Take care my friends,



  1. Thanks for sharing your diet with us Karen. You said you wanted to lose the weight quickly as you had a large amount to lose. I am wondering if you have any trouble with excess skin? This is one of my fears now with losing weight. :o) Thanks

  2. Hi Cassandra.....

    hmmm, SKIN :( I do have some ummmm saggy bits... mainly on my tummy, BUT, having said that, I dont know how much of it is from losing weight, and how much is from having 5 kids, and 3 ceasarians ????

    My skin on alot of my body went a bit dry and sort of loose, but that seems to have sprung back now LOL... I am 43 tho, and dont expect that I will look like a 20 yar old (unfortunately) so all in all, not too unhappy... and I would take the loose tummy over 50 kg any day :) I do take a good multi vitamin daily, aldo omega 3 fish oil ( which is sposed o help skin? ) Nerrida is the vitamin guru, maybe she knows of something to take to help with skinas you lose weight ??? Id be interested to know too :)

  3. My best suggestion is a fish oil supplements called EFA (by Metagenics) or one called EFA/DHA by Bioceuticals. Both of these are 'practitioner strength' so you'll need to get them at a health food store and may need to get the resident Naturopath to subscribe them (new goverment regs. require this but not all stores are strict about it). Also Bioceuticals have a Vitamin E capsule - also great for skin & elasticity.

    Best solution - sorry girls - toning excercises as you lose the weight.

    Try Zumba - its good for toning.

  4. Oh, btw, I never recommend Blackmores. Several years ago thet were sprung for down-sizing the strength of ingredients in Echinacea, so that customers would need to buy more). They've never re-gained my trust and I don't believe they are one of the best brands anyway - too low strength and over-the-counter.

  5. Thanks for sharing Karen, I especially like the cooked apple in diet sprite idea, sounds like something I would enjoy!

  6. Its yum Bec.... but I forgot to say, I put a little bit of cinnamon in it too while its cooking :)

  7. Just a little note (sorry Karen) but diet colas are actually a lot worse than regular ones - they not only contain aspartame (which taken long term will basically kill you)as well as acid-forming properties, which can destroy your colon and other digestive organs, and are very addictive, but they have also been shown to cause greater weight gain than regular colas. Here's a link if you want to read more...

    The best drink of all is alkaline water - google it and see.

  8. Thanks for sharing Karen, and for all the advice Nerrida :o)

  9. hi Karen I was wonder when did u start this diet and how long did it take?I'm 25 have 2 children and put on alot of weight during my pregnancies I am currently obese weighing in at 113kg and am wanting to get down to 65kg so I'm wanting what you did I am trying to do this in 11months also well that's my deadline to hit my goal weight

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