Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Its that time again....


OK, so how is everyone going? I notice we've had a few drop-offs. Well maybe you need a little push.....

Remember this.....the prize!  Its on its way to my place ready for the announcement of out first weightloss winner. Ooooh...its yummy! (and very low calorie! LOL)

Ok, so whose gulity? (LOL).  Whose been slacking off?  Are you game to dob yourself in?

Karen tells me that she was guilty of this sometimes (and have to admit, I've had my days too).  Sometimes we need a bit of a push. I have heard on the grapevine that Sue, one of our non-bloggers, is doing really well and may be in contention for first prize? She wants that Prima pack!

TIP: Don't let midnight or late night snacks be your downfall, have them but just make sure they are healthy.

OK, so it time to share:

In your blog post this week, we want you to share either:
  •  next week's menu plan or 
  •  a recipe or
  •  snack idea.
And don't forget to tell us if you've lost any more weight! Even if you haven't, we want to know.....maybe we can help you win that Prima pack.

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  1. Well, I haven't lost anything this week but I'm not all that suprised because its been an off week. No matter, next week bigger and better. How is everyone else going? Oh that Prima is delicious!!!

  2. I was shocked that I have lost so much over the past 2 weeks as my "norm" is more like 500grs/wk, so I put it down to my increase exercise!! My hubby has lost as well about the same over the past 2 weeks that I have, he just hasn't done as much exercise as me!! I think it must be easier for men. I am totally motivated this time and can see my fitness levels increasing! Love the feeling.

  3. Hi there,
    I've been weighing myself in on Mondays. There you go, if there's going to be someone who does something a bit differently, it's usually me.
    I've lost .5 again this week. As this is my goal that's OK but I do wish it was more. Steady as she goes but I certainly won't be winning any Prima. I'm glad I have this motivation to keep at it. I do feel fitter which I like and I'm sleeping better too which far outweighs any other benefit in my view.

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  5. I am almost there!!!! 0.5 to go!

  6. What!?! 1/2 a kilo to go...LG! What's you're secret????

  7. Well, I am SO happy for you girls that are'm on a bit of a downer. Just been to my chiropractor/kinesiologist and she told me I'm in for a long hard slog with my weight/core strenghtening. My muscles got pushe so far out to the sides when I had baby number three that I nearly had to go to a specialist to get them back near where they should have been but thankfully, my clever chiro got them back to an OK place (like 2" from my belly button instead of next to my hips!) But now I have a sway back because my stomach muscles are weak. I'm really bummed. I'm not sure what to do now. I told DH and he says we'll talk about it tonight (whanever that means?). I'm thinking I need professional help but its just so hard for a Homeschooling mum with a baby to do anything for herself (in reality). I'll have to think about it for a while....

  8. Oh and I forgot...the reason I didn't lose any weight this week - my liver was clogged. You can't lose weight unless your liver is eradicating toxins and burning fat - its the major fat burning organ in your body. (and i wondered why my skin was dry and red - liver!)

  9. sorry ladies, I will have to do my blog post etc tomorrow. We have had a bit of a full on day.............. My 16 yo found our little dog, a cavalier, in a full on fight with a black tiger snake ..... the snake was striking at her, and they were literally 12 inches from eachother.... I dont know how but Sam managed to grab the dog ( probably dont want to know )... we called the vet and were told all we could do was watch her for any symptoms, and as soon as she showed any, we had to take her to the vet..... Its been 2 hrs and 31 minutes so far.... the vet said if we get to 3 hrs, the chances are slim that she has been bitten.... OMG, how scary !!!! the vet said it would cost well over $1000.00 to treat her :o We would of coarse pay it, but WOW !!!! bloody snake !!! anyway, I just wanted to tell someone my scary story.... so far so good.... I will let you know how it all turns out, but feeling pretty posative that she will be OK... One very very lucky little doggy I think.... Sam saved her life !!!

  10. Looking forward tp hearing that all is OK. We bought out dog especially to help protect the kids from snakes but I hope he never really had too. My Dh was confronted by one the other night (we didn't even know they came out at night!)

  11. I had a good week this week. I lost 1.1 so I was happy with that. Hope you get yourself better soon Nerrida :) and I hope your doggy is ok Karen.
    Well done on your losses Ladies!! Keep up the good work.

  12. Fantastic Beckie - I would be so happy with that too - well done!

  13. Well done Beckie.
    I understand Nerrida. I had something a bit similar after Son #2 and I've never been the same since. I also have a bit of a sway back so my tummy looks even bigger because of that. Joy.
    My first cat died from snake bite, poor darling. Hope your doggy doesn't suffer the same fate Karen.

  14. Thanks Dale - yes I have the sway back too and it does poke your tummy out - i hate it so I thought strengthening my core would fix it but apparently its going to take more time and effort than I thought - bummer. I've decided to at least give Biggest loser xbox workouts a really good go this week just to see if it has any impact - wish me luck!

  15. Gosh - so much drama with some of you lovely ladies! Hope next week settles down for you. Yay to all who are either losing kilos or even staying the post will have to go up tonight when I get home from work. I'm loving all the snack ideas and reading everyone's progress. Thanks for the motivation.

  16. way to go Dale YAY !!!! Nerrida, how do you know if your liver isnt working properly ?? My skin is terribly dry, I thought it was from losing so much weight ???

  17. If you're losing weight then its probably not liver. It can be from not drinking enough water - the skin gets dehydrated. I have always taken fish oil capsules (Bioceauticals) but my skin had gone dry despite that and I had also started taking B12 capsules - the next morning woke up all itchy, red and blotchy on my face - it was a build up of the B12 (like an allergic reaction) because my liver wasn't absorbing and using the it, instead it was coming out in my skin. Skin always shows a lot about your health.
    The only real way to know for sure is going to a kinesiologist.

  18. Good on you girls! going well!
    Me to Nerrida a mixed up week and not enough exercise this week! Stayed the same but poitive as i am doing this for life!! thanks for all your help and encouragement girls! xx


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