Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Off and racing!


Hello Ladies! Nerrida here. So how is everyone going?  Did you get off to a good start or a not-so-good start?

I know for me it wasn't the best. In fact it was a down-right non-event!

The week started with a bit of a spinal injury from jumping in the shallow end of the pool - not one of my best ever choices but I was playing with the kids so I wasn't really thinking at all when I jumped (LOL). So no Zumba or treadmill for me for a few days. But at least I have managed to stick to the eating plan mostly having smoothies for breakfast, salad wrap with a little cheese for lunch and some low-fat dinners.

One of my favourites has been a beef salad packed with salad goodies picked from our organic garden with some beef strips cooked in a reduced chicken stock and just a little low-fat sour cream and seeded mustard - YUM! Now my mouth is watering (LOL). has you first few days been?  Please share and tell us how it all went (or didn't go) for you. We won't ask for a blog post today (unless you really want to do one) but just leave a comment under this post so we can all catch up and maybe hand-out some encouragement for those who need some.

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  1. the past few days have been tough because exercising is not something I do often. So here comes the muscle pain all over my body. I used my Timeworks FX daily since Monday and did some pilates workout last Monday and later today. I am looking into some cardi workout on the weekend

  2. I've walked each day. I don't go Wednesday as it's bin day and the smell is too atrocious.

  3. LOL - that' funny Dale. Anyway, we all need a day off.

    LG sounds like your definitely off and racing! My kids taught me to stretch first and it seems to stop the soreness from happening. (They learnt it off Hi-5 can you believe) LOL.

  4. I only joined up last night so today is THE DAY for me.
    At work today so missed my regular yoga class (boo hoo) but did stretching and 60 sit ups on waking.
    My joggers are parked under my desk and if it's not too hot I'm going on a 30 min walk during lunch. How's that for good!
    Hope everyone has a great day. xxx

  5. Oh, we got emails from a couple of non-bloggers too.

    Sue says:
    'That Prima prize is mine!' (LOL - She wants to win it badly).

    Ros says:
    'I have started buying my lunch things at the supermarket for the week and making my lunch at work instead of buying from the take-away'.
    (Sounds like a plan Ros).

  6. Hey Ros - we working girls have to be so organised with lunches I reckon. Too easy (and BAD) to grab take away isn't it.

  7. 60 situps is a huge effort. Well done Penny.

  8. Ooh yeah - I just realised how many 60 is (LOL) - ouch! Good for you Penny - your gonna be an Iron woman!

    Oh yes, take away lunches - tell my DH that when he buys takeaway Ceasar salads and thinks they are low fat - ummm, what about the dressing?!!

  9. Been a bit of a struggle with the eating plan, but went out yesterday and brought HEAPS of fresh produce, so at least I have a plethora of healthy food choices!! Have been sweating it out on the wii with the kids at night for about an hr and a short challenge with them this morning before school! have to drink more water now as I am feeling way more dehydrated!! I knew that these last few kgs would really hurt coming off!!

    Man Penny!! If I did ANY sit-ups I think I would keel over!! LOL! Good on u!!

  10. LOL Renee about the sit ups.. ME TOO !!! I would definately die !!! WAY TO GO PENNY !! you girls all sound like you are doing so well.

    I have been watching what goes in my mouth very carefully, but I too need to up the water lots.

    PENNYAND LG..... I am really intersted in learning yoga or pilates. Im not sure which one though. are they good for weight loss, or just toning etc ?

  11. Yes, I'd like to know that too about pilates. I have a DVD somewhere but I've never used it.
    Is one better than the other?

  12. Oh and Renee, I had a frij full of veges but still didn't know what to cook for dinner (LOL). It all seemed so boring so I've decided to do a menu for the week and shop for that. It just seems much easier if its already decided what we are having. If I leave it till the last minute (like the other night) we end up having Pasta...with cream. But at least I didi your trick Karen, I dished it up on a little plate and guess what - it worked! I was full just as I was finishing.

  13. Hello everyone, a mediocre start for me although I have been really good today, (so far) walking, being careful with food, have shopped for healthy stuff but only really started eating it today, however, have still managed to lose 800gms, (fluid I know, but it;s all good)

  14. Yay for you Cheryl - better late than never eh? 800 grams is 800 grams - not to be sneezed at - a loss is a loss.

  15. Slow and steady for me girls. This is an emotional week for me with the anniversary of my dads death so I always have a tough time with that but am proud that I didn't binge at all... yay. Wouldn't it be awesome if we could all banish our emotional connection with food?

  16. Hi Girls
    getting motivated walking with my big son and lots of encouragement!
    Eating healthy and hoping it works!
    off to the lake with the kids for a walk around our lovely botanic gardens! x

  17. Shelley - I am proud of you too! That's really an achievement you know. Its amazing how no metter what we go through - we still come out of it as a 'survivor'.... We are a lot stronger than we sometimes give ourselves credit for.

  18. Hi Ladies... just letting you all know that I havnt abandoned you, Im having BIG computer issues.. no internet for a few days, its on ATM, but for how long ?? Who knows ??? You are all doing a fabulous job... ME, well, I have decided to join the gym... I mgoing to learn pilates, and do some toning and muscle building work ??? Ive lost the weight, now I really need to work at toning up.... wish me luck, Im a bit acared everyone there is going to look like a Barbie doll, and be totally co ordinated LOL .... One good thing, Im going to drag my sister in law with me, so we can both look un co ordinated together LOL !!!! hae a wonderful rest of the week.....

    Karen xx

  19. Karen it doesn't take long to pick out the 'gym junkies' but lots of people there will be really nice. We're all there for the same reason - to be healthy.
    Glad you've been brave. Whilst I have a LOT of weight to lose my body is taking on a nice shape and I know its from the gym and especially pump classes.

  20. Oh wow Shelley, that is just fabtastic and of great encouragement to me. I am trying to weight up whether to try and join a gym or something. I'm just not that confident. There is Zumba classes starting ont eh 21st abd neve though it says beginners, I'm still not sure if I'm brave enough. I have a little dance ability but I know one girl that is going has been doing it for ages. I might feel silly near her and other like her. I would have to hide down the back. And the gym is nearly ha;f hour away and with homeschooled kids and a could all be too hard (and expensive). Back to the treadmill today.

  21. thanks for th encouragement Shelley :) I joined yeaturday, and am feeling pretty good about it... it wasnt that expensive Nerrida, I have a GOLD membership, and it costs about $11.00 per week, and thats for EVERYTHING... I can spend 10 hrs a day there if I want.... I know about the distance, we are 1 HOUR from town, so I wont be going too often, but I am seeing a personal trainer next week ( part of my joining) and he will give me a plan to best suit what I want, then i can just go whenever I want. Plus they have zumba, that im going to have a go at too... :) AND THE BEST PART... they have childcare too, and its only $4.20 for 2 hrs !!! My litlest guy is sooo excited :) I want to do the pump classes to Shelley ....

  22. I didn't start off so well LOL It's not funny really!! But anyways, I'm back to it. I should get my treadmill off layby this week, I am excited about that!! My food choices were not the best, maybe I should print out the pictures of the prizes and stick them on the fridge for inspiration LOL
    I loved the gym when I used to go Karen, the pump classes are awesome!!
    Hope you recover soon Nerrida!!

  23. Thanks Beckie, A new treadmill - woohoo Beckie. I love minr 'cos I can go for a walk no matter the weather, watch TV and the kids and feel good about it all.

    As for the gym. I asked DH this morning if I should join and he said 'nope'. Not sure hoe serious a nope it was??? Meanwhile, its back to the treadmill. Oh and I'm getting the hanf of Zumba too. I love that it gives you a score 'cos you can see how much you've improved and when you get it exactly right, the instructor turns green (LOL). I keep saying to the kids 'look she's green, she's green! LOL. I have lost some weight - I'll tell you how much on Wednesday....

  24. I havent been very good at all this week, so will have to be extra good next week. I did have the lemon and parsley fish tonight for dinner and it was very nice, hubby liked it as well. Hope I have better news with my challenge next week. Keep up the good work girsl

  25. Not to worry Mary, better late than never hey? But that fish sounds yum.

    I got stuck into it today and walked 45 mins on the treadmill at 6km/hour. Walked off 150 calories and then did 200 step-ups on my front steps. The played table tennis with my kids on the xbox.

    Ha ha - can anyone beat that? (now there's a challenge for you). Go on, I dare you - beat me...

  26. You win hands down Nerrida :( for this week anyway, look out next week when I start a thte gym LOL... Thanks for the tip on the 'pump' Beckie.. another friend said its really good too... will definately give it a go... hopefully I wont DIE !!! LOL...

    Mary... glad you enjoyed the fish, it really is good isnt it... My hubby like it too !!! and so low in calories.. I love it !!!

  27. Hi girls,
    I didn't realise you were all chatting so much on this thread. I've done yoga before, it feels great. I've always wanted to try Pilates but it's so expensive. I could use some core strength.
    Went out to dinner with hubby last night. Had two wonderful entrees. Good choices I think.
    I've also elicited a good influence on a friend. She saw me walking on Thursday, stopped her car and asked if she could come with me on Friday and she did. She's going to come next week too. So, I think that's pretty nice.
    I'm interested to see what the scales say in the morning.

  28. We are rather chatty aren't we? (LOL). Its great! And good on you for making good choices at dinner - so well done!

    Now don't laugh - especially you Dale, but my girls and I tried pilates yesterday and we kept falling over! It was quite funny really. Its does take a lot of core strength - which I don't have...yet.

    Today my girls put me to the challenge. I had to do 20mins of Zumba, 5 laps of the farm on the bike (nearly killed me), 14 laps of running up and down the front path and 200 steps on the front steps. (Think I may be sore tomorrow???) LOL. They tell me I have to do what they tell me everyday...yikes! But I agreed.

    Oh, and I have also discovered xbox Biggest Loser - I tried the demo and it looks fabulous! DH says I can buy it cos its cheaper than a gym membership (LOL).

  29. Sorry Nerrida, I did laugh. Most probably because you told me not too. I can be contrary like that. I believe you'll get there. Keep trying. That workout sounds like boot camp to me. Yowsers.
    My 10yo son came on a walk with me after dinner tonight. He says he wants to come again but I ended up almost pulling him along towards the end. Precious lil thing. He's way fitter than me too, just not better at walking I guess.

  30. ..... weigh in day tomorrow !!!!!!

    Im so excited to see how you all have done !!! I havnt weighed myself for a few days, so it will be interesting to see if Ive lost anything... I have been extra careful, and drank more water, and done more excersize xx fingers crossed... see you all tomorrow :)))


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