Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Its weightloss Wednesday!

Its Weightloss Wednesday...

So how much did YOU lose? but first....


Hi everyone,
I have a treat for you today. The beautiful and talented Trina McClune is our featured scrapper for this week and I'm sure you will love her story.

Trina has been featured for her scrapping ability on many websites such as The Dusty Attic, Addicted To Craft and Prima. And now she has a very inspirational weightloss story to tell you about and has also made a gorgeous mini album (using Prima) to celebrate the journey and achievement.  She is a fantastic lady and I am thrilled to have her as our first inspiration.

This was Trina after having her twins and another baby not long after...

then she went on a 12 week challenge with amazing results.
Please go here to her blog to see how she looks now & read all about it.

Now its your turn....
Share with us how your week has been...good, bad or indifferent, we want to know so we can draw on inspiration and give it to one another. Have you lost any weight or centimetres? What changes have you  made to try and achieve your goals?  Are you struggling and need some help?

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Can't wait to read your stories and don't forget to leave a comment so we can chat!


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  1. OK, So i lost 1 kilo - pretty happy with that. How about everyone else?

    Sue has lost 1.8kg - so well done Sue! Woohoo - can anyone beat that?

  2. I weighed myself on Sunday and did my blog post then (I've Mr Linky'ed it).....1 kilo so far. That included an indulgent dinner out at a friends on the weekend too. So better results next week I am hoping!

  3. I only lost 600gms, but at least I went down!!

  4. Going well girls! lost 1.9 kg and posted on my blog! enjoying my walking with Cody and getting better with my eating plan!
    keep up the great work! x

  5. Everybody is doing so well - YAY for us! Remember its only 1 week and its not that long a time. We aren't on Biggest loser and doing 6 hours exercise a day (LOL). Each week will be different....

    Penny - i think one little indulgence is actually good for you - afterall we can't go through life with our heads in the sand - there's a real world out there. I treat myself to something little once a week too.

  6. I agree Nerrida with the little treat every now and then....

    I think if we dont, we are setting ourselves up for failure. Kerri made a good point when she said ' this is it for life for me" and that is a crutial way to think if you are going to lose weight permanently. My biggest problem was, I would go on a "DIET', lose the weight, go off the diet, and put it all back on again.... The people Ive seen succeed at permanent weight loss, have all made it a life change, forever.

  7. I only lost around 2kilos to date. I think it's a bit harder to lose weight if you only have to lose a few more pounds to reach your ideal weight. I remember losing more than 30lbs before in 3 weeks time but since I am almost near my ideal weight, it's much harder. But I am grateful for any pound that I lose

  8. Wow, well done LG. I am just amazed at how many of you have lost so much in the first week! I thougth I was doing well but you've spurred me on now.

    I'm sure its harder when your already slim-ish LG.

  9. I agree Nerrida... theres been some awesome losses this week ... Keep up the fabulous work girls.... I started at the gym yeaturday, did the 'personal trainer ' thing, where I was assessed, adn then given a plan to suit me, and what I want... I could hardly move last night LOL. But Im sure it will get easier... Its the first time Ive had my blood pressure checked since losing all this weight, and it used to be around 130 over 85, which was just on the upper limit of normal, yesturday it was 120 over 80, which for me, at 43 is perfect !!!!! YAY for me... both my parents have high BP, so Im really happy about that :))) Plus 2 of my uncles ( who arent overweight at all) have just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and my Mum has to be checked now too (she isnt overweight either), as you know it is hereditary, so I think, well I hope I have avoided this down the track also....

    Keep up the great work.... hae a wonderful, healthy weekend :)))

  10. I got a message from Ros a few days ago and completely forgot to add it here (sorry Ros!). Her update is on the non-bloggers page. Has also lost 2 kilos - woohoo!

  11. YAY for you Ros !!!! 2 kgs is fantastic xx


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