Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Weightloss Wednesday - week 3


Ok, girls...yes its Weightloss Wednesday.

This is the third week of our challenge, so that means next week will be ONE MONTH - woohoo! One month of the newer, better healthier you. So lets give it a really big effort this next week so we can celebrate that one month milestone together.

I was reading some weightloss tips this week and one of them struck me as quite good because its not so restrictive but rather about modifications.  The tip was....

 "Don't feel you have to miss out on some of your favourite foods just because you're trying to lose weight - just modify them to a healthier - light weight version".

So...this weeks assignment is, what is one of your absolute favourite foods and how can you modify it to make it lower in calories?

I know mine is take-away Pizza (and we did indulge this week) but when I rang up to order it, I ordered the gluten-free base which is made of rice & potato flour and other better ingredients then your average white flour-fatty-drippy pizza base. I also asked for Vegetarian and half the usual cheese. I also ordered a smaller size.
I got to indulge but felt much better about it.

Leave the link to your post below and tell us any weight you've lost plus one of your favourite foods and how you could MODIFY it?

And remember:

* * This week we'll be sending you a daily tip to help you put in a big effort this week. * *


  1. Yay! I lost 400 grams and 2cm from my waist.

  2. YAY Nerrida... I lost almost 1 kg this week. That makes up for not losing anything last week. Im really happy about that.... I have offically lost a grand total of 50 kg's now.. how unbelieveable is that, I struggle to believe it myself.... Nerrida, you dont weigh much more than 50 kg's OMG !! that puts it into perspective !!!!!!

  3. Woohoooooo Karen! 50 flamin' kilos!!! Hoe fantastic is that. I'm sure I just can't appreciate enough, how much effort that took. You are half your weight!

    (LOL - I suppose that does put a bit of perspective into my weight although I'm such a petite person). I used to be size 8, not 10 hedging 12.

  4. AN APOLOGY: I'm sorry everyone for sending out multiple emails this week. I was rushing and making mistakes - ooops.

  5. I lost .7kg. Best yet so I'm happy with that. Has anyone got to 5kgs or almost yet?
    50kgs is a mega fab effort Karen. High five. .4 is great too Nerrida. Keep up the good work.

  6. I had a bit of a disaster week this week!! I put on 100g, not too much I know, but it's the wrong way :( I do know why and I have no one to blame but myself. However, I will not beat myself up, I am straight back to it :)
    Well done on your losses girls!! WOW 50kgs, you truly are an inspiration Karen!! Well done.

  7. hey Beckie... you are a winner, cos you mucked up, and got right back into it. You only fail when you dont get back up and keep going :) well done :)

    and thanks girls for the compliments :) xx I cant believe I was 50 kg overweight, it just astounds me, I didnt look that big !!!! Or maybe I was in denial...

    Way to go Dale, for someone who is fairly small to start with, your losses have been great, you must be working really hard, well done xx

  8. Oh, and Dale, you asked if anyone was close to the 5kg mark, I think LG is the closest ATM, but we havnt heard from her yet this week, so we will have to wait and see :)

  9. Yay Finally she walks, yep I did a 6k walk yesterday and even jogged up a small hill. So pleased to finally got my act together. Thanks for the tips and do we have a special link for receipes?
    Keep up the good work everyone

  10. YAY Mary! I was wondering how you were going. 6 kilometres - wow, now that's impressive.

  11. Good on you Ros - another loss - fantastic!

  12. Oops - sorry, forgot to say I have an email here from Ros and reports another 1/2 a kilo loss. Readthe email on the non-bloggers page (under Ros).

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