Thursday, March 3, 2011

A little inspiration

I was wandering the internet a while back, and stumbled on some really great inspirational quotes that have helped me along my weight loss journey. I wanted to share a couple with you today.

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.
Thomas A Eddison


Your body is the baggage you must carry through life. The more excess the baggage, the shorter the trip.
Arnold H. Glasgow


"The greatest thing you have is the 24 hours in front
of you.
The past is gone; the future is distant.
Today you CAN succeed.
Set a goal you can achieve in the next 24 hours."


I wake up every day with the realization that this is it, that there's only one shot at this life and I can either enjoy the ride and live it to its fullest and to my highest potential or I can stay the way I am.


I hope these help some of you like they have me along the way.


  1. Oh I like these quotes - especially the one about setting a goal to achieve in the next 24 hours! Mine is... fill a 2 litre bottle with water and drink it (I am not good at drinking water 'cos I forget but if the bottle is there in front me, I'll remember). Off to do that now!

  2. fabulous karen... thanks for the inspiration. i know i haven't officially signed up... wouldn't even tell dh what the scales said!! what a wus... lol... but i have lost 4.7 as at monday! thanks again... x

  3. Oh Jules - I hope you took a photo of your start weight - you could be in the running for the Prima prize if you did!

  4. so inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

    Im with you Nerrida, I am not good with drinking water. I always feel I'm drowning when I drink as much as 8 glasses of water. That will be my goal too.

    Now off to check the scale. Wish me luck!

  5. Waiting with baited breathe LG....

  6. I made it!!! I lost 6.3kilos in 3 weeks! 3.7kilos more to go to reach my goal.

    Did a blogpost already :D

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