Sunday, March 27, 2011

weight loss tip #16


When you choose "big" foods like fruits, vegetables, salads and soups, which are bulked up by fiber and water, you're eating a lot of food that fills you up, but not a lot of calories.

"Little" foods are foods packed with lots of calories , but are usually small, unsatisfying portions, these would include cheeses, sugar-rich snacks like chocolate and lollies, and dry foods like crackers, chips and biscuits. They are small in size but BIG in calories.

Studies show that hunger tends to be satisfied by a certain volume of food, about 2.2 kilos per day, for the average person. And it doesn't matter how many calories are packed into each kilo, once we're full, we stop eating. So the higher the calories in each gram of food, the more calories you will need to consume before you body says 'thats enough'.

Choose your foods wisely :)

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