Monday, March 21, 2011

Weightloss tip 12


Do you have bad blood sugar?
Do you suffer some or all of these symptoms?

I myself have HYPOglaecemia. (This is not to be confused with HYPERglaecemia - Type 2 diabetes). Mine was caused from eating too much sugar & white flour as a teen.  Fortunately, with the help of a good nutritionist, diabetes was avoided before it was too late. I have to keep my blood sugar stable by eating regular meals, wholewheat & low sugar products, or suffer the consequences (including weight gain). 
TIP: Lower your sugar intake by swapping something sugary for a lower-sugar alternative.

You don't have to go without, just choose another brand or use honey instead. I cook all my children's birthday cakes & muffins with honey instead of sugar - you just replace the sugar with it. You can also use Stevia - a natural sweetener, available from Health food stores.

What can you swap this week?


  1. I often wonder about my blood sugar. I know I have "episodes" when I am starving (LOL I try really hard not to get to that point, but some days things go wrong) But I just want to stuff my face, usually with something sweet. So I do, and then feel ill. I have asked my doctor about it, he seems to think I am just 'craving' I am fine if I eat regularly and don't let myself get hungry.

  2. Its possible Beckie - you would need to watch for other symptoms although it could also be your liver. I have had issues with this lately and I was going to do a tip or 2 on it in coming days.


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