Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Weightloss wednesday week 5

Weightloss Wednesday

OK, where's all the slackers? (LOL).

We are down to just 6 lovely ladies reporting in last week.  Who needs help? Remember, we are in this together.

Many of your tips last week were about having goals.  So in your post this week, besides and fabulous weightloss you have to report, we ask you to think of a MINI GOAL for this next week that you can aim to achieve for next week.

 Remember these suggestions:
  • Eat at least 2 pieces of fruit per day
  • Cut down on sugar - no cookies for morning tea (have a piece of fruit instead)
  • Don't eat after 8pm
  • Take the stairs instead of the lift
  • Discover a new salad recipe & add it to your weekly meal plan
  • Cut white bread & try wholemeal
  • Take advantage of frozen packet meals such as Healthy Choice
  • Discover & use a new soup recipe
  • Drink water instead of juice.

You might like one of these or maybe have your own?

OK, so, leave your mini goal below in comments & leave your link to this week's post.


  1. OK, so I put on a bit at the beginning of the week (from indulging) but lost it again so I have stayed at 52.3 kgs but I have lost 2cm from my waist and hips - YAY! Feeling pretty good.

    My mini goal: get into the 51 kilo bracket by next Wednesday.

  2. had a great week this week, back on the wagon, so to speak!! Brought Just dance 2 and boogied my butt off!! Hehehe! My mini goal is to lose the last 800gr, I am going away for the weekend to my grandmothers house, so this could be a REALLY BIG challenge for me! next Wednesday will tell hey!!
    Luv Renee

  3. Yay Renee - what a great loss this week and only 800 to go. And you are so funny. We might have a 2nd prize winner soon????

  4. I have lost this week :) I have set a goal to lose 500gms (at least) next week, and to make sure I eat 2 pieces of fruit and drink more water.
    Going to check out you blog Renee to see how you have done this week!
    Not far to the 51's Nerrida, keep going!!

  5. Hi girls xx WOW, you guys have all done so well :)) I only lost 100g, but not complianing considering the stressful week we are having,and I havnt done any excersize... I planned to just write this week off anyway, so not too bad really :) I will be in hospital the next 2 days with my little guy, so wont be around for a little while... see you all when I get home xx thanks so much Nerrida, for filling my shoes as well as yours over the last few days xx I really appreciate all you do for this blog...

  6. Everyone is doing so well this week - woohoo (even you Karen considering the week you've had!)

  7. Sorry I didn't blog last week.....I did lose 200g though, every little bit counts!
    I will think of my mini goal and do a post in the next couple of days.
    Keep going everyone!

  8. LOL - Ok Penny, if that's what you can manage then that would be great. Great though that you are STILL losing!

  9. Hey, this is all well and good, but what if i need to add a zero to that 5? Can i still join in. But i feel kida horrible about showing my scales with what they read on my blog.....Eekk!

  10. That's Ok Jodi, You just email a pic of scales to me and I'll just keep it on file - you don't have to show the world - we've had a few entries like that.

  11. Hey girls i am joining in too :) i have put my weight and my first entry on my blog yah :) with link too

  12. hmmm just linked up on the linkie thing and it is not working how do i fix that ??

  13. Hey Brigette and welcome! Umm, ok, looks like maybe you didn't get a clear link. Click on your blog post so it comes up in a new page and copy the full address in the top bar, then copy it into Mr linky again (we'll just have to ignore the first one - there's no way to remove it unfortunately).

  14. Thanks Nerrida :) worked that time I have done my morning exercise so i am off to a good start
    have a great week everybody

  15. You too Brigette and see you next week!

  16. Hi girls :))) YAY, so nice to see some new faces... so glad you joined in Bridge, and welcome Jodi, Cate and Maggie :) We are home from the hospital, my little fella did great. we are all very tired, and little H is a bit 'grumpy ' but I dont blame him !! I will call back in when I get a minute xx

  17. Great to hear everything went really well Karen!


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