Thursday, March 17, 2011

Weightloss tip 9

Today's Tip:

So....what am I REALLY eating and it is REALLY healthy?

Have you really looks at what you are eating? Do you know what was in your dinner last night? What I am really asking is....did any part of it come out of a packet? 

If you answered yes, then chances are, you don't really know what you ate? Lets take Vitaweat biscuits...better yet...wholemeal says so on the front of the packet.

OK, only 520 kilojoules per 4 crackers...great - a good snack right?  WRONG!

Look at the ingredients (and companies are required by law to list them in order of most down to least).

1st ingredient...wheat flour (WHAT!? - that's white flour!)
2nd ingredient - wholemeal flour

hmmm...... feeling a little ripped off?

My Mum likes to coat her chicken in some Country-style crumbs.  When I read the back of the packet....hmmm..... not healthy at all, in fact I wouldn't eat it nor give it to my family. She THINKS her pantry contents are healthy but when I visit, I have trouble finding something to eat.

TIP: Check the ingredients

Its possible that you are unknowingly eating things you think are 'healthy' that are actually adding weight, and fast.

Some better alternatives:

Arnotts Cruskits - RYE
Sakata Plain rice crackers
Sun rice - rice rounds
Real Foods Corn thins - plain
Eskal gluten-free crackers

There are others too. Each time you go shopping, just take a minute try and discover a new healthy food and drop a not-so-healthy one from your diet.


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