Friday, March 18, 2011

Weightloss tip 10


So yesterday we explored the idea that maybe the snacks you're eating aren't as healthy as you thought because they contains weight-gain promoting white flour.

So how about bread?

We have also learned that wholemeal bread is the way to go and white bread is about as good for you as slowly poisoning yourself.  I'm sorry to tell you that exactly the same applies with breads as crackers.  Not all wholemeal breads are good for you.  Many contain WHITE FLOUR.

* * * * *

The best brands are:

Bakers Delight wholemeal (now 100% wholemeal)
Brumby's wholemeal
Holsoms wholemeal
Mountain bread rice wraps
Bills organic stoneground bread

Not so good: (all contain wheat flour and less than 50% wholemeal)

Abbotts village
Tip Top
(most generic brands)

(Helgas? - the jury is still out. They used to be wholemeal but I have heard they are changing possibly??? If anyone knows, please leave a comment).

Sure, if you have trouble changing over after being on white for so long, then some of these brands are OK for a while until you get used to 100%, but I highly recommend Bakers Delight or Brumby's - they do bread rolls too and a yummy cape-seed loaf which is a great snack.

And remember, wholemeal bread will keep you feeling full for longer because its more slowly digested.

Stay tuned for Monday's tip...its a sweet one.

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