Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weightloss Wednesday week 7

*** Sorry girls, I forgot the assignment for this week, I have added it  - thx Beckie! ***

Weightloss Wednesday has arrived!

Wow, can you believe that next week will mark 2 months of weightloss!  So how did you go this week? How much success did you have? Even a small success is a step in the right direction!

Last week we enjoyed the company of some newbies and their first week so we can't wait to hear from you all again! How did you go this week. Before you know it, you'll be celebrating your first month of weightloss - it comes around very quickly.... and it feels GREAT!

OK, so leave your link below and lets catch up.  Leaving a comment on other's blogs can be very encouraging too.

This week assignment:
Go and visit at least 2 other blogs from this site and give some encouragement.



  1. I had a great week and reached my mini goal - woohoo! 51.4 kgs. Lost another 900 grams (and I wasn't perfect either - we ate out twice!) But my liver detox seems to be working so I'm losing weight again.

  2. Woo hoo well done Nerrida, 900g is awesome!! Guess what, I MADE IT!! I lost 1.6kg this week, so that makes my total loss 5.3 Yaaaay!!!

  3. Woohoohoohoo Beckie! You have DONE IT! And what a differnce I can see. SO well done girl. Look slike you are our 2nd prize winner!

  4. Hi Ya girls, my weight loss this week is 400 grams which i am happy with, i would have liked to have made my 500 grams that i set last week which maybe if i had of done a big fat wee before hand i would have made it LOL
    Any way i have blogged my progress..
    yippee to you Beckie that is an awesome weight loss and WTG Nerrida Wow you are so tiny now

  5. Well...when I used to wear desinger clothes (you know, when I had money and was single and child-less) I used to shop in David jones in the 'petite' section. Now I shop in Target and buy 10's instead of 8s, but I'm getting there!

    LOL about the wee - I tried that and it didn't work. Congratuations on your loss.

  6. Ah bugger about the wee hehe !!, i used to be a size 8 too, i will get there, i am only a shorty so i hope that by the time i get to my 57 i might just squeeze into an 8 :) we shall see :)

  7. Well to all you "little" ladies, this is my first post pushed gently along by one daughter (Bridgette).I was once a little person when I was 30 something and then at 40 something I was until menopause crept up on me, now I'm almost 56 and weighing in at 79.1. I don't want to be 54 kg again I think 65/67 would be comfortable at my age and more achievable. So hear I go, wish me luck.
    :o) Chris

  8. Good on you Brigette! And good on you Mum! That plan sounds good to me Chris...great that you have decided to join us on this journey.

  9. Great to see Ros back on track. I have left her message on the non-bloggers page (in red).

  10. morning lovely ladies... firstly I need to say sorry for going AWOL !!! We had a car hit a power line near our house, and had no power for a day, then that in turn fried our modem, so had no internet then :( But, all is OK again (for me not the poor guy who hit the pole) I am so happy you ladies have joind in... big congrats for having the courage to start :)

    well done Beckie, you are a star :) OK, I will go feed my little guys, then call in to your blogs :)

    Oh, and me .............. I lost 900 grams !!! woo hoo !!!! I havnt lost a thing for nearly 3 weeks, but Im really happy with that.... that means, since the start of this challenge Ive lost 4.1 kg's !!!!! dopey me forgot to take a photo for proof tho :( But Im not in the running for a prize, so you will just have to believe me LOL !!!!!

  11. Oh wow Karen, we are only 100 grams apart - I have lost a total of 4.2kgs. LOL - so lets see who can lose the most for the 2 months? (ha ha - the challenge is on)!

  12. My posts are not appearing. I posted twice here yesterday. What up?

  13. WTG Nerrida.... hmmm, a challenge, isnt that what atarted this whole thing in th first palce. LOL.. YOUR ON !!!!!!

    hmmm, not sure Dale ?? Im sure miss Nerida will know, she is the whizz at that stuff not me :) .....

    Well done Ros !!!!!!

  14. Well, actually I have no idea Dale - sorry. I'll go to your blog and try and post it myself. See how I go? I know blogger are having some issues in the last few days - its possible that its that?

  15. Dale, I can't find you post on your blog? I can see last weeks but not this weeks?

  16. They are disappearing. I didn't do a blog post, commented on here and both are gone. Quite long too. ?? I don't know. Anyways, I just maintained this week. So tired and not sleeping well so not surprised.

  17. Woohoo Karen and yah Mum, go mum go! if you keep it up every week you will get there, Especially with me on your back LOL !!!!
    Don't know what happened to Jodi, she must have forgotten to come here cause she has blogged her weight loss on her blog she lost 600 grams for her first week :)Good start

  18. my weight is staying about the same give or take a few grams either way. I am not that unhappy with my weight I would be happy to loose my tummy , I think that is were my 5 kilos I want to loose is situated! (If I could just moove it up to my boobs)! Problem would be solved.
    On the plus side, me and hubby are still walking 6ks every other day . No more jogging as I always have a sore back the next day and my husband has a bad back, so I am sure the jarring is not helping either of us. So from now just brisk walking (old age sucks!)
    Hope everyone had a good weekend and has a wonderful week


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