Monday, March 14, 2011

Weightloss tip 7

This one is a beauty so make sure you read it all!
This week we are getting a little more serious.....about your health.  We want to remind you WHY you are trying to lose weight.

On Saturday my Mum was issued with an Accucheck blood sugar monitor...yes, it looks like she has been diagnosed with diabetes. On the same day, my father walked into the doctors reception area to find her passed out and surrounded by onlookers and helpers.

What happened....... & how did she get it?

She is, and always has been slim.  She eats more than 1 cup of veges everyday, plus fresh fruit, salads, a 'good' breakfast and rarely indulges. Her digestive system has a very low tolerance of fat so she avoids junk food.  She walks and has always been quite active. In her eyes, she eats very well & makes healthy choices for every meal.

SO...what went wrong?

The answer may shock you................. IGNORANCE.

That's right! She doesn't know how her body works or how to care for it. She lacks any understanding of what sugar does to the body over time. And when I say sugar, this includes anything that the pancreas, (the major organ in the body that controls your blood sugar), sees as sugar.

And what makes it worse....she doesn't WANT to know.

WHY?   Its all too hard.

Well life just became a whole lot harder for her and I'm afraid she has no-one but herself to blame. (Now, I'm not trying to be mean here, I love my Mum, but sometimes the truth hurts).

This week, I hope to give you some tips that will spell out what it is that your body needs to be fit and healthy.  Diabetes is at epidemic levels and it no use saying "I won't get it" because that's what my Mum, and indeed my Dad, other friends and family of mine have said in the past ....then its too late. Now you already know sugar is bad for you, don't you? So lets move on.....

So here is your first tip for this week:

 WHITE FLOUR (which is processed) is exactly the same to your pancreas as sugar. Eat 100% wholemeal.

It is 'refined' - yes, pretty, soft and white - it looks good, but it is BAD.  The more refined food you eat, the more insulin your pancreas must generate to manage it.  IT WILL WEAR YOUR PANCREAS OUT and sooner or later, cause diabetes.

* * * * * *

Tomorrow's tip will reveal even more about sugar...stayed tuned! It may even solve many of your weight problems....


  1. Sorry to hear about your Mum. My Grandmother had diabetes and pretty much ignored it. Went blind from it, she ended up in a nursing home and has since passed. Her life could have been so different.

  2. Hi Dale, yep I too have seen diabetics eat blocks of chocolate in front of me and then complain about their insulin shots - its sad and avoidable.

  3. Hi girls :) just want to say sorry for not being around much this week. Got alot of stuff on ATM... My son is having his tonsils out on Thursday, my uncle is having major heart surgery today, and we have a friends funeral today also, way too young :( Just need a little time to get my head sorted ATM :) thanks so much Nerrida for keeping thing running so well.... xx be back soon

  4. So sad to see these older "youngin's" suffering with diabetic related disease. My mum and grandfather are in the same boat!! My my has hyperglycemia and had been referred to a dietitian who has slowly changed the way my mum eats. My sister had diabetes during her pregnancy due to the foods she ate.(She is usually around 48kgs and a fitness fanatic!! But she seriously indulges on sugary treats every day.) I don't want to be them in a few years time!!
    So sorry about all the stress in ur life ATM Karen, hope things settle down for you and that both op's go as well as they can!!
    Luv Renee

  5. Bit of a shock with her diet Karen that she still has helath probs!
    thanks for the tips they really help! I'm a bit out of wack this week with j home still and a docs app again for his knee! I havent been on the scales! I have three weeks till my doc app so getting going again so I can show her i am getting there!
    Thanks for all your help and hope your son is well again soon too Karen! x

  6. I also have hypoglycaemia - have for 10 years now, caused by eating too much junk food as a teenager. Luckily I met a great nutritionist who sorted me out and I have controlled it with diet since then - if I had not changed my diet I would be a diabetic today (because my Mum didn't know any better obviously and let me eat the junk). This is why I now educate my children and help them make wise choices with the occassional childhood treats of course - but all in moderation. I do sometimes get sad thought hat I can't enjoy an icecream - a few bites is all I can manage but I did this to myself.

    Hypoglycaemics can't have sugar or white flour because its causes the insulin to spike very high and then drop very low - at worst it can put you into a diabetic coma - very scary so I want to avoid that. Unfortunately this means any simple carbs I eat quickly turn to fat - hence the excess 5 kilos I'm trying to lose.

    Hugs Karen! Am thinking of you this week.


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