Saturday, March 19, 2011

Weightloss tip 11


Sugar - where is it hiding?

Ok, so now we've established  in last week's tips that white flour is hidden in mnay breads and wholemeal crackers.  So is it the same with sugar?

The answer is a resounding YES!

TIP: Cut back on your sugar intake.

Anything that ends in the letters  'in', 'one' 'ol' or 'ose' is just another name for sugar. You are probably familiar with some of the more common ones like Fructose and sucrose, sorbitol.  Just as with bread, the trickery is there.  Many packages will say 'sugar-free' but are they really.  You need to check if you want your diet to be truly healthy.

Watch out for is Palm sugar & corn syrup - also two of the very worst kinds.


Sugars and syrups, regardless of how they are named, raise your blood sugar to a rapid spike that is followed by a rapid drop. This is what I call the “roller coaster effect” and it will cause you to gain weight and wear your pancreas out!

If you're interested, you might like to take this sugar detox challenge by Dr. Oz.


  1. In America they had corn syrup to soooo many things. It would be dreadful to be allergic to corn if you lived there. They put milk in almost all of their bread too. We found that hard when we went there.

  2. Yes, the American diet is worse than ours as far as sugar and fat. They are having a big debate over there atm about whether to re-name corn syrup and call it 'corn sugar' instead (its the same thing either way - sugar!)

    My eldest DD had a corn allergy but it was so easily treated by the kinesiologist in just a few easy visits. She used to throw-up a few hours after eating anything corn - now she can eat as much as she likes. Amazing!

  3. Sorry - that should say 'fat' not far (LOL).

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