Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Weightloss Wednesday


OK, its Weightloss Wednesday again and did you realise that it is one whole month since we started this journey together?

How much have you lost all together over the 4 weeks?

When you look back, you should be proud that you've started the new you....but you don't want to ever return to the old you now, do you? So this week, we have a little assigment for you:


PRINT OUT A PHOTO of the 'old you' and stick it on your fridge to remind you of what you don't want to be and how hard you've worked to get this far


you can print out a photo of what you would like to look like so it reminds you of what you are working towards.

Remember this:

 and this....

Can you believe its the same woman!? It could be you too! So....


To help you avoid gaining weight again, you need to analyse how you got that way in the first in your blog post, tell us, how did you get overweight? What factors contributed? I know for me it was having children and a slow change in our eating habits - it got too easy to get take-away and to throw chips in the oven. I also got hungrier whilst breastfeeding a baby so it was quick to grab a glass of full fat milk (even in the middle of the night). There were other factors too which I will share in my post this week.

Leave your link back to your blog post below and tell us 'WHY' you got overweight? (Oh... and how much weight you've lost to date!) 

Let's celebrate!

Oh, we'd also like to hear from some of our followers. We know Julie Winks has lost some weight just from following along. 

Add you comments & link below:


  1. Woohoo - I have lost another 900 grams (a total of 2.3 kilos), lost another 2cms off my waist and 1cm off my legs - VERY HAPPY! I can see my shape starting to change and slim down.

    How's everyone else doing?

  2. YAY WAY TO GO NERRIDA !!!!! Its your week this week... 2.3 kgs is a fantastic effort.. go girl xx

    I didnt lose at all this week :( but really who am I kidding, Ive lost 50 kg, cant expect to lose big every week hey !!! lat week I lost 900 gms, so all in all I couldnt be happier...

    Im looking forward to hearing from everyone sles :) come on girls how did you go ?

  3. I lost 800g this week, that's a total of 2.4kg altogether!!
    Well done Nerrida, you beat me by 100g this week LOL
    I suppose you can't lose 900g every week Karen LOL but it would be nice, you are an awesome inspiration.
    Where is everyone else??

  4. Yes Beckie - where is everyone??? Come on girls, get with the program (LOL). Remember we are all in this together and if you are struggling, let us know. We may be able to encourage you and even find a solution. If we can do it SO CAN YOU!

  5. Got an email from Ros who reports a fantastic loss of 1.2kg this week. Some of us have had a great week so we really are celebrating. See the non-bloggers page (in red) for Ros's story this week.

  6. Hi girls,
    Just letting you know that Karen hasn't forgotten about us (LOL) she's just havong one of those weeks where life is a bit overwhelming but she'll be back with us as soon as she can.

    Oh and she didn't lose any weight this week but she just hasn't had any time for herself.

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